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Hi, my name is Nok and I'm very excited about opening Nok Nok, my new authentic Thai and British food restaurant based in Aberaeron Yacht Club on 24th November 2023.

Thank you for all the Nok Nok jokes on Facebook! When I first met my mother-in-law over 20 years ago, she gave me a big book of Knock Knock jokes. So I’ve been hearing this for a while LOL.


My husband and I moved to London from Koh Samui in Southern Thailand 20 Years ago but have only recently moved to Ceredigion. It’s always been my dream to be able to cook for people and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to do this here in West Wales.

My Thai recipes were taught to me by my family in Thailand. They are as true to the original recipes as we can possibly get outside of Thailand. I'm very proud of Thai food and intend to make the food as authentic as possible. In addition, I'm also looking forward to serving you some tasty British food, prepared with just as much care and attention as my Thai cuisine.


Nok x

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